Low Calorie Hummus – No Oil

Ibiza is in two weeks time and I’m currently cutting all unnecessary calories out of my staple foods. Today for my dinner I made hummus with carrot sticks, alongside a bowl of vegetable soup. Low calorie foods always seems to taste better, I’m pretty sure it’s mostly to do with it being completely guilt free and feeling so refreshed afterwards.

Here’s how to make a divine tasting dip, extremely low calorie, and full of goodness. (Mine made about five or six portions, it can be stored in the fridge in an airtight container to come and nibble at whenever you’re hungry.)


I used:

Half a tin of chickpeas

1 small red pepper

Small handful of red cabbage

8 baby plum tomatoes

1 tbsp of concentrated tomato paste

2 tbsp of Alpro plain soya yogurt

Big handful of spinach

2 spring onions

Juice from half a lemon

Sprinkles of salt, pepper, smoked paprika, oregano and basil

1 carrot for sticks to dip

  1. Wash all vegetables before cutting your pepper and adding it to the blender.
  2. Add all other ingredients except for spring onions.
  3. Blend the mixture, adding herbs and flavourings slowly until the required taste.
  4. Chop the spring onion and spoon it into the mixture.
  5. Cut the carrot into sticks and enjoy!


Hummus is so easy to make which is why it is perfect for anyone, especially those with a busy schedule! Oil just isn’t necessary to make a great tasting dip, so using soya yogurt is the perfect replacement but any plain low calorie yoghurt you have in the fridge would work well.

Love Siân xo


Cheap vs. Pricey Gel Nail Varnish

Following on from my most recent blog post reviewing my SensatioNail gel starter kit, I decided to compare a few of my favourite colours from different brands, in order to let you know whether a higher price does bring a higher quality.


Top to bottom gel colours as shown above:

  1. R.S. Nail 239 
  2. SensatioNail ‘Silver Glitter’
  3. SensatioNail ‘Tag Me Taupe’
  4. SensatioNail ‘Purple Orchid’
  5. R.S. Nail 139 
  6. SensatioNail ‘French Manicure – Babydoll Pink’
  7. SensatioNail ‘French Manicure – White’

Pricey: The SensatioNail Range

The quality of SensatioNail is so fantastic as every set of gels I’ve had, have lasted two weeks or longer. Their choice of colours is huge and the colours are all so gorgeous that it becomes a challenge selecting which ones to buy. They recommend two coats of the gel which gives a lovely even coverage and a great finish to all nails. I use my french manicure set regularly, as it looks very professional and neat on. The ‘Purple Orchid’ is a deep purple and has a subtle shimmer which is great for when you want sparkle, but not wanting it to be too ‘in your face’. Although I do admit, that I was expecting it to have more of a shimmer than it gives once it’s painted on. The ‘Tag Me Taupe’ is probably my most used colour, as being a neutral shade compliments practically any outfit.


My favourite varnish I’ve purchased from this range is the ‘Silver Glitter’. Silver and shimmery colours are really in style at the moment, which has meant I’ve been using it SO often (maybe even too often, if that’s even possible?). The reason why I love this colour so much is because it works perfectly on it’s own, but also looks fabby over the top of another colour which you can see below! Here I used one coat of ‘Silver Glitter’ over the top of one coat of ‘Purple Orchid’, but excuse the state of my nails – this is gel that has been on for roughly 10 days now and they’ve began growing out.


Another bonus for the SensatioNail range is that the colours match exactly how they are marketed on the box. The quality is great, the colours are exactly what you expected them to be, and the price is… where they fall down slightly (or with a tight budget like mine, a lot).

All the SensatioNail colours I’ve shown you, are £15 each. Yes, they last a long time and yes, the colours all looks so great on… but £15 per bottle was starting to cost me a small fortune. The french manicure set I got in my starter kit (with the UV lamp etc – £49.99 from Boots) are shown below. To purchase the two french manicure colours alone costs £22, but on the plus side you do get bigger bottles than you do in the starter kit.


I wanted more colours, but I just couldn’t justify continuing to spend that much on each colour. So I started investigating other brands so see if I could get some pretty colours for less money.


Cheap: R.S. Nails

I was really fancying a sparkly gold rose colour, so searching through eBay I found a brand called R.S. Nails that sold both the gold rose I was looking for, together with a pretty looking pink colour which also included free postage! It was listed as costing only £3.89 for both bottles, what?! The price was so low compared to the ones I’d been buying from SensatioNail that I decided to risk it and give them a go.

IMG_9472 (1)

Firstly, this brand of nail varnish take a pretty long time to get them delivered, I presume it’s partially because the company ships the products from China. You are warned of the far away delivery date when purchasing, so if you need a specific gel colour reasonably soon I advise you to look elsewhere.

The range of colours they provide is huge, so you definitely aren’t limited on choice. However, whilst the rose gold colour (239) is so pretty and is very similar to the picture displayed on eBay, I found that the other bottle that came with it was more of a purple than the light pink I was expecting. The picture displayed on eBay below on the left and the ‘actual colours’ on the right (239 shown first from the left, 139 shown third from the right.)

The colours weren’t bang on, but with the price difference to SensatioNail I can’t really complain. I was sceptical as to how long they would last on my nails, but I was happily surprised. They last a pretty similar time to SensatioNail on my fingers and for ages on my toes (currently had my toes the same colour for over three weeks)! For the price of these gels, I would definitely recommend opting to try a cheaper brand such as R.S. Nails, rather than spending far more than is necessary.

I will definitely continue to stick to cheaper brands from now on, unless I want a specific colour that I don’t want to risk being a slightly different shade!

Love Siân xo


SensatioNail Gel Starter Kit – A Review

All of you girls know how satisfying it is to put aside a few hours to catch up on your missed TV episodes and do your nails, especially after a super busy week. I’ve always enjoyed keeping my nails looking fresh and neat, as I personally feel like your nails can often be the cherry on the cake for any well put together outfit. I used to stick to normal nail varnish day to day, but before a holiday I have always treated myself to a full set of acrylics with gel! It usually comes to £25 for the acrylics and £30 with gel too (10% off with student discount) in my favourite local salon, so too pricey for to have regularly.


This past Christmas my wonderful Mummy bought me a Sensationail Gel Starter Kit from Boots and I can now afford to have gel nails whenever I fancy them and as a student with very little money it has been a complete game changer.

I want to give you my review of this set and how having it has made my life easier and far cheaper when it comes to keeping my nails looking fab.


Inside the box: 


  • 3 Nail Varnishes: 1 white, 1 babydoll pink, 1 base & top coat
  • Gel cleanser, gel primer & lint-free wipes
  • Double-sided nail buffer & Manicure stick
  • 22 nail shields & 100 white tips
  • UV LED gel lamp


Easy to use?

Absolutely. You begin by using the nail buffer to shape your nail using the grey side, then lightly buff the surface of your nail using the pink side. The gel cleanser is used to clean the nails, then the primer is painted and left to dry for 30 seconds. The gel base/top coat is painted on first, followed by two coats of your chosen gel colour and another layer of the gel base/top coat. With each gel layer painted, the UV lamp is to be used for a recommended 30 seconds, however I’ve noticed the gel lasts longer when leaving them under for 60 seconds instead. You have to be careful not to get the gel over the edges of your nails or touching your cuticles, as the gel won’t last as long.



This set is currently on sale in Boots for £49.99 (It used to be more expensive!!) and can be purchased in store and online. I was bought the french manicure set, however there are so many other colours to choose from. I would personally recommend choosing this set and then purchasing additional colours you fancy (you can buy them individually), as I’ve loved having that sophisticated manicure option for professional events. It’s taken me until last week to run out of any of the components of this kit and I’ve been using many of them continually since December (6 months-ish). I firmly believe that you get your money’s worth from this set and it has worked out far cheaper than what the equivalent price would be to get it done professionally, it also saved me the hassle of getting there too.

Replacing parts


I purchased the SensatioNail Gel Polish Essential Kit (shown above) for £25 as I decided I’d like to have replacements of everything for when they do run out. This kit has all the items the starter kit has but without the gel varnish and the lamp (& the nail shields and white tips – but I don’t use these anyway). First thing to run out for me was the gel cleanser, however I tried using Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water before I’d had the chance to buy a replacement gel cleanser and it did the job fine – and being £1 to purchase, is far cheaper. The essential kit also gives much bigger volume of the gel cleanser than the starter kit, with the starter kit you’re essentially paying the big bucks for the UV lamp and gel nail varnish. Personally I think it is worth buying the essential kit as everything will run out eventually. You can also buy replacement parts individually if you want to get them one at a time, as and when they begin running out. I’ve listed the different prices below for you to see.

Replacement options:

Does it damage your nails?

Personally I feel like it does make your nails weaker after having gel on them. However, when the gel is on them they feel stronger than they do naturally. The most damage can be done when removing the gel, as just picking the varnish off (guilty!) completely ruins the surface of the nail. I’ve often picked the gel off out of laziness, but buffing the surface of the nail afterwards does make the nail smooth again. If the gel is removed properly this can be completely avoided. There are multiple removal tools available, as well as nail shields which can be applied to protect the nail.


In the past I’ve poured normal nail varnish remover into a bowl and left my nails to soak, before picking all the gel off. It doesn’t work very well at all as it takes a long time for it to begin removing the gel and also smells awful. BUT I checked in boots last week to see if they had any new removal tools and they do!! I haven’t used any of them to tell you if they’re worth buying yet, but I’ll list them below incase you want to try them yourself. Please do let me know if you’ve tried any of these in the comments, I’d love to hear your opinions so I know which ones are worth buying!


Nail shields


Nail shields are provided in the starter kit, which have been designed to protect the nail from being damaged by the gel. The shield sticks to the nail and the gel is applied as it normally would be, then when you are ready to take the gel off you can peel the shield away from each nail. I DO NOT LIKE THEM! When I applied these to my nails they didn’t stick down flat, which made the shield have a ripple texture and I haven’t used them again since. I think this is partly due to my tiny little fingers as I’m pretty sure that bigger and flatter nails would enable these to work perfectly. Admittedly though, they did the job of protecting my nails well and were really easy to peel off. If you have flattish nails rather than rounded like me, these will be a winner for you.


White tips


These tips (pictured above on the right) have been designed to use instead of using the white gel. The aim of them is to get a cleaner finish than you would using the white gel ‘free hand’. They are very thin layers of white varnish that stick right on to the nail. I’ve always applied my tips using the gel provided in the kit, as going through the sheets to select the right size tip and then cutting it down to size, seems more time consuming. I think I’ll test these out next time I’m going for a french manicure though!

Manicure set


The pink and white gel that comes with this kit creates a beautiful french manicure. I have used them both repeatedly since receiving my kit and always have a great end result. I’m planning to use the white gel for my upcoming trip to Ibiza, as both look great used independently too.



Since I received my kit, SensatioNail have made so many cool new additions to their gel range.

  1. You can now buy UV gel starter kits that are ‘Express’ for £34.99, the nail varnish that is included in the set, is a new formula that prevents you having to use a primer and base/top coat. This means it takes a lot less time to get your gel nails looking perfect. I’ve used my Mum’s Express gel and it is very convenient!! BUT, the downside is they only last up to ten days, whereas the normal gels lasts up to two weeks.
  2. The most funky thing they’ve created is the Polish to Gel Starter Kits for £49.99, which turns normal nail varnish into gel! This is pretty cool!! Perfect for anyone who already has a wide selection of normal nail varnishes.
  3. They’ve also introduced a Matte Top Coat for £10, I’m a massive fan of matte finishes on things. In the past I’ve often requested a matte finish on my nails when I get them done in the salon. This will very likely be my next gel nail purchase.



That concludes my first review! I absolutely adore this product and I have recommended buying these kits to all my friends. I hope this has been informative and if you have any questions I haven’t answered please do let me know!

Each gel varnish from SensatioNail is pretty pricey so I’ve experimented with cheaper brands to see how they compare. I’m planning to do a cheap vs. pricey comparison of my favourite colours in the next few days which will hopefully help you when deciding where to put your money.

Love Siân xo

Quick Fix Weight Loss

We’ve all been there, two weeks to go until your summer holiday and you still haven’t reached your ‘summer body goal’. It can be SO frustrating after working so hard to lose weight healthily and sustainably for months before, but fear not – there are ways to shed a little bit more weight, super quick, just in time for your holiday.

**This is not a long term weight loss plan, is it unsustainable and you will likely put back on the weight you lost very quickly after**

So, there are a number of simple things  you can do to make you drop those last few pounds very quickly in time for your holiday!



The temptation to snack or go on a massive binge has always been a big downfall for me, even more so when I’m restricting my calorie intake as being hungry makes me want to eat the whole house. You are far more likely to reach for something healthy when you get peckish, if there are no high calorie foods tempting you to stray. But do not use needing to remove all unhealthy snacks as an opportunity to eat them all! I’m guilty of doing this on more than one occasion … “But if there’s no snacks left in the house tomorrow morning I can start fresh on my diet with no temptations left”. A good way of getting around this is to throw them all into bin bag and take them to your parents or friends house for safe keeping until your diet is over, or ask them to eat them for you! I hate waste, and throwing yummy snacks away would break my heart! The foods this ‘unhealthy category’ involves is anything processed, including the obvious chocolate, sweets and crisps.


2.        Plan Your Food For The Day

As soon as I wake up I like to grab my notebook and plan what food I’m going to eat in the day, I’ll often add in how much of the food I’m planning to eat and at what time I’m going to eat these at too. Having a structure for the day lets me visually plan my day and how I’m going to organise my meals. I cannot stress how useful this is to do, as if I feel hungry I will go straight to my notebook to decide what to eat from my plan, rather than mindlessly gobbling the nearest thing to me. It let’s me feel more in control of the food I’m putting into me, which has been a massive game changer for when my mind tells me it’s time to snack.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 18.48.09


3.          Keep a Food Diary

Grab a paper notebook and a pen and keep it with you throughout the day, everything you eat needs to be written down. I’ve found using paper and pen compared to doing it digitally works far better for me personally, however using your iPhone ‘notes’ app could work just as well. When I first started doing this, it really shocked me to see how quickly calories added up throughout the day. Through using my food diary I realised having a nibble on all my boyfriend’s snacks and meals was increasing my calorie intake significantly. To combat this I started grabbing my own snack such as an apple or satsuma to eat whilst he was eating. I found doing this really helped to avoid adding surplus calories onto my daily intake that contained no nutritional value.


4.         Don’t ‘Restrict’

Avoid telling yourself, “I CAN’T EAT THAT”, from experience doing that just makes me want to eat that type of food far more. Swap those thoughts for, “I can eat whatever I’d like, but I’m just going to have the smallest bit of it to keep me satisfied”. Trying to keep to a clean diet can only happen strictly for so long, especially when you enjoy snacking as much as me. This approach definitely helps me to stop going on a binge, as I have what I want without going overboard. It helps to allow yourself a little treat every day, as it stops you excessively craving it. My secret pleasure is having a latte, they taste so yummy and are something I really look forward to drinking. I’m loving the instant Nescafé latte range at the moment, I bought pretty much every flavour in my last food shop heehe. I try to avoid buying them from Costa, Subway, Greggs e.t.c unless I’m out of the house all day, as they are fairly high in calories and are more expensive than making them yourself. (If you do buy one when you’re out you can make it less naughty by getting a smaller size and by requesting skimmed or soya milk.) Give yourself your little treat, but aim to keep the treats to a maximum of 100 calories per day.



5.           Water, Water, Water, Water.

CANNOT stress this enough. WATER!! Water is key to losing weight, is boosts your metabolism and suppresses your metabolism. I have always hated drinking water, I could easily go days and days without drinking any water at all. I used to suffer from continuous headaches all through my school years, purely from my dislike of drinking it. I not only hated drinking it, but also the feeling of it sloshing around in my stomach. However, when I started introducing drinking water regularly throughout the day this sloshing feeling completely disappeared and now I don’t notice it at all. To begin introducing the routine of drinking more water, I relied on Oasis and orange squash to make drinking liquids more enjoyable. This allowed me to slowly progress to drinking pure water regularly, which has done me massive favours to avoiding water retention. HOW MUCH TO DRINK?? Well, the advised volume of water to drink per day is to divide your body weight (in lbs) by 2 and drink that number in ounces. For example, I weigh 106 pounds, so 106 divided by 2 = 53, I would therefore aim to drink 53 ounces of water per day (equivalent to roughly 1 and a half litres). You can easily work this out using the google conversion calculator! Some websites advocate as much as 4 litres per day, but for me personally, this is a target I would struggle to meet. Even now I still sometimes get to the end of the day having completely forgotten to drink any water, so to avoid this I often set an alarm on my phone to go off every half an hour throughout the day to remind me to keep drinking.


6.               Make Drinking Water Interesting

Drinking room temperature water every day doesn’t appeal to me at all. I switch this up by varying the way I consume water, by adding different components into it and drinking it at different temperatures. I have often read that drinking ice cold water can boost your metabolism, as your body uses more energy to warm the water up once it is inside you. I will often put a bottle of water in the fridge at night, along with filling up the ice cube tray in the freezer. I then pop some ice cubes into the bottle when I wake up which keeps the water colder for far longer. Another way to make drinking water more interesting is to add in fruit, you can buy bottles that conveniently contain a fruit compartment. I bought mine really cheap from Aldi and Wilko, their fruit bottle range contains an array of super cute colours and the bottles are the perfect size for carrying around throughout the day between lectures. From experience I find that citrus fruit works brilliantly, I often add slices of lemon, limes and oranges in together. I usually prepare this in the evening so that the fruit has has time to give the water a super fruity taste by the time I come to drink it in the morning! I’ve experimented with other fruits such as berries which can also work well, I found strawberries and blueberries give a great taste, but I avoid raspberries as they just fall apart when the water is shaken leaving the water with lots of bits. Tea: green tea, fruit tea, toffee tea, english breakfast tea. I love tea and there are soo many varieties on offer to make every cup interesting and tasty. Most tea can be drank calorie free (woohoo), but even tea that requires milk can be kept low calorie by using skimmed, soya or almond milk. BooTea is a brand of tea that advertises itself as a weight loss supplement and the 14 days ‘day’ and ‘night’ tea are now both sold separately for £11. I really enjoyed this brand and it fits really nicely into my routine of losing weight before a holiday. Yes, the night tea does contain a laxative. But don’t be alarmed!! It’s a very gentle laxative and helps both the process of losing weight and  going to the toilet – especially useful when you’re only consuming small volumes of food in the run up to a holiday. The taste of the teas were quite strong, but I enjoyed them because of the feeling they gave me after drinking them. The night tea tastes strongly of aniseed (liquorice kind of taste), but even as someone with a strong dislike of aniseed I did enjoy drinking them.


6.           Fruit Is Your Best-friend

I am a firm believer of ‘a calorie is not a calorie’. 200 calories of chocolate is not equal to 200 calories of strawberries. When I’m trying to lose weight I will only eat raw foods, completely unprocessed and in it’s natural form. I will have fruit continuously throughout the day, mostly sticking to berries, apples (pink ladies are my absolute fave) and satsumas. Some fruits such as grapes have a high natural sugar content, so it is best to avoid consuming these in large quantities. However, eating in moderation is key and allowing yourself a handful of grapes each day will aid your weight loss not hinder it. If you enjoy eating grapes like me, I highly recommend trying them frozen! They taste so good, and it makes for an interesting alternative. Eating dried fruit can also be very yummy, but I highly recommend avoiding all pre-dried fruit packets from the supermarket. Not only are they extremely over priced, but they often have high added sugar to make them taste really sweet. It is so easy to dry your own fruit using a dehydrator, and is far healthier and far less calories. Dehydrators can be bought for as little as £25 in some shops/online and are well worth the investment. All types of foods can be dehydrated when you’ve finished your diet, such as beef to make beef jerky if you’re a meat eater! Fruit I use most in the dehydrator includes mango, apple, raspberries, blueberries, kiwi, pineapples and bananas (but literally any fruit can taste amazing). Dehydrated raspberries taste great sprinkled on top of natural yoghurt for breakfast, but when I’m losing weight before a holiday I tend to avoid as much diary as possible.


7.            Less Isn’t Always Better

Small portions, raw foods and continuously eating throughout the day are all fundamental to quick weight loss. Whilst you should be mindful of the number of calories you are totalling each day, weight loss is not as simple as needing to ‘burn more calories throughout the day than what is consumed’. To keep your metabolism as high as possible you should aim to eat every three hours from when you wake up until you go to sleep. I am a big advocate of avoiding three set meal times each day, as eating small portions throughout the day has enabled me to lose more weight. If I was to wake up at 7am and go to sleep at 12pm I would aim for roughly 6 times throughout the day when I am eating.


8.         Keep Yourself Moving

Just before a holiday I always lower my calorie intake which makes me feel constantly tired and makes the thought of doing any exercise extremely unappealing. However, incorporating exercise helps boost weight loss and is therefore necessary to any quick weight loss plan. Fitting this into your routine can be done in a number of ways including when you’re doing the cooking, cleaning, washing or walking to the shops. I’ll often do star jumps or bum kicks when I have spare time, such as when the kettle is boiling. Every little bit of exercise you can fit in throughout the day will add up and heavily contribute to your weight loss target. I will often set my alarm for ten minutes earlier in the morning, giving me time to do a quick ab workout or run up and down the stairs a few times before I take a shower. I do have a gym membership, but I find that when I do a gym session (and restricting my calories before a holiday) I get super hungry afterwards which often results in a binge. So if I do go to the gym during this time period, I’ll keep my sessions short, drink large volumes of water and eat a large portion of fruit directly afterwards. I never over do it on exercise, simply because it’s not safe to excessively exercise and cut calories in one go as it can make your body very run down and susceptible to getting ill (definitely do not want this just before a holiday thank you!!).


9.                Vegetables Are Your Secret Weapon

LOVE to eat soup when I’m trying to lose weight, it tastes so good, is super nutritious and you can incorporate so many different flavours that it never gets boring. Again, avoid tins and packets! Tins are great to eat if you are restricted on time, but if you go down this route make sure you look carefully at the ingredients list. They will often have high sugar and salt added into them to make them taste great, which is detrimental to losing weight quickly. Look for lentil and vegetable based soups and don’t be fooled by ‘weight watchers’, ‘low fat’, ‘reduced salt’ labels as they can be very misleading. If time is on your side, follow my raw food only rule! Buy vegetables in their natural form and make your own soup, there is so many recipes out there on the internet that you’ll be able to make some really great tasting options. I’m aiming to add some of my favourite soup recipes on my blog in the near future, so make sure you watch out for them! Using a blender can switch up the texture of the soup as a lumpy consistency can get boring after a while. You can buy these so cheaply online and in store and again, it will be well worth the investment.


10.            Daily Vitamins Are a Yes From Me

I often get worried that I will be missing out on fundamental vitamins when I’m dieting before a holiday, so to combat this I take a vitamin tablet daily. There are mixed opinions on whether vitamin tablets have any substantial effect, but I mainly do it for peace of mind. I also take CLA supplements which are highly controversial as to whether they help boost weight loss, as there are many scientific studies that suggest they both do and don’t help. I have seen weight loss whilst taking them in the past, but as I have always taken them alongside eating low calories, healthy food and drinking plenty of water, I am not able to judge whether they have benefitted me. I have nearly finished off all my CLA supplements and have decided not to repurchase them again in the future.



11.              The ‘Number’ Can Be Useful

Okay so, I have one last point to discuss. Weighing scales. I have gone through periods of losing weight both relying heavily on weighing scales and not using them at all. When I want to lose weight at a healthy, slow pace, I often don’t use the weighing scales at all. But in the run up to a holiday I find weighing scales can be really useful at indicating when I need to adjust portion sizes or how much water I’m drinking. My weight loss usually correlates really strongly with how strict I’m being on myself, for example if I let myself eat a large amount unhealthy snacks for a few days I will see that my weight has either stayed the same as it was a few days before I began snacking, or will show a weight gain. The scales then give me that motivation to get back on track and try a little bit harder in the coming days. However, if you are prone to obsessing over small things when it comes to weight loss I would advise you to stay away from them as the number on the scales could actually end up hindering you or causing you to go ‘overboard’ at trying to reduce it.



Drink lots of water and make it more interesting by adding fruit, ice cubes and making yourself different types of tea. Stick to raw ingredients – fruit and vegetables are perfect for losing weight quickly. I stay well away from ‘carbs’ before a holiday, potatoes and pasta have to stay in the cupboard waiting for when I return! Fit in a little exercise when you can, but make sure you don’t go too hard. Lastly, allow yourself treats, as you will be able to control your cravings far easier if you avoid restricting yourself too heavily.


I really hope this has been useful and given you some helpful pointers on how you can shed a few more pounds before your holiday. If you have any questions or I’ve mentioned something you’d like me to discuss more deeply, do make sure you message me!


Thank you for reading and have a wonderful holiday!

Love Siân xo




It’s me!

I’ll admit it, I have a huge passion for eating. I love creating new meal combinations and testing them out on my boyfriend (however, he may be slightly bias). Since starting university in 2015, my degree has really opened my eyes to benefits of a plant based diet. I really dislike the animal food industry and more so, the contribution it has on climate change. I’m surrounded by friends with similar opinions to food which has made this food journey so fun and enjoyable.

My Dad has always been vegetarian, but as my Mum loves to cook with meat she has always complained about it being ‘a pain’ to be cooking two separate dishes each meal time. Now I have the same problem with me and my boyfriend when cooking meals together – he is a massive meat eater and I have a feeling his love for bacon will never disappear. We often compromise by adding Quorn into meals when we cook together, but if he does want meat on a particular day he will often just cook some up to add into his portion – one dish, easy.

There’s so many plant based alternatives in the supermarkets now, that it has been so easy to begin the journey away from eating meat and animal products. Even eating out, the increase in people switching to a plant based diet has meant there are an increasing number of restaurants that cater to vegan diets, and with such yummy food. I also adore farmers markets, they offer local produce and the chance to support local businesses. I managed to grab a unicorn gingerbread cookie from the vegan stall last week, whilst pricey, it was well worth the money for a sweet exam break treat.

I’ve now finished my university exams! This means I have far more time on my hands over the summer to begin to blog and see if it’s for me. I’d like to bring an array of topics to my blog including food, diet, beauty and travel. I have some great trips lined up this summer including Ibiza and Iceland, so I think I’ll really enjoy sharing all of this with you!


Love Siân xo