Cheap vs. Pricey Gel Nail Varnish

Following on from my most recent blog post reviewing my SensatioNail gel starter kit, I decided to compare a few of my favourite colours from different brands, in order to let you know whether a higher price does bring a higher quality.


Top to bottom gel colours as shown above:

  1. R.S. Nail 239 
  2. SensatioNail ‘Silver Glitter’
  3. SensatioNail ‘Tag Me Taupe’
  4. SensatioNail ‘Purple Orchid’
  5. R.S. Nail 139 
  6. SensatioNail ‘French Manicure – Babydoll Pink’
  7. SensatioNail ‘French Manicure – White’

Pricey: The SensatioNail Range

The quality of SensatioNail is so fantastic as every set of gels I’ve had, have lasted two weeks or longer. Their choice of colours is huge and the colours are all so gorgeous that it becomes a challenge selecting which ones to buy. They recommend two coats of the gel which gives a lovely even coverage and a great finish to all nails. I use my french manicure set regularly, as it looks very professional and neat on. The ‘Purple Orchid’ is a deep purple and has a subtle shimmer which is great for when you want sparkle, but not wanting it to be too ‘in your face’. Although I do admit, that I was expecting it to have more of a shimmer than it gives once it’s painted on. The ‘Tag Me Taupe’ is probably my most used colour, as being a neutral shade compliments practically any outfit.


My favourite varnish I’ve purchased from this range is the ‘Silver Glitter’. Silver and shimmery colours are really in style at the moment, which has meant I’ve been using it SO often (maybe even too often, if that’s even possible?). The reason why I love this colour so much is because it works perfectly on it’s own, but also looks fabby over the top of another colour which you can see below! Here I used one coat of ‘Silver Glitter’ over the top of one coat of ‘Purple Orchid’, but excuse the state of my nails – this is gel that has been on for roughly 10 days now and they’ve began growing out.


Another bonus for the SensatioNail range is that the colours match exactly how they are marketed on the box. The quality is great, the colours are exactly what you expected them to be, and the price is… where they fall down slightly (or with a tight budget like mine, a lot).

All the SensatioNail colours I’ve shown you, are £15 each. Yes, they last a long time and yes, the colours all looks so great on… but £15 per bottle was starting to cost me a small fortune. The french manicure set I got in my starter kit (with the UV lamp etc – £49.99 from Boots) are shown below. To purchase the two french manicure colours alone costs £22, but on the plus side you do get bigger bottles than you do in the starter kit.


I wanted more colours, but I just couldn’t justify continuing to spend that much on each colour. So I started investigating other brands so see if I could get some pretty colours for less money.


Cheap: R.S. Nails

I was really fancying a sparkly gold rose colour, so searching through eBay I found a brand called R.S. Nails that sold both the gold rose I was looking for, together with a pretty looking pink colour which also included free postage! It was listed as costing only £3.89 for both bottles, what?! The price was so low compared to the ones I’d been buying from SensatioNail that I decided to risk it and give them a go.

IMG_9472 (1)

Firstly, this brand of nail varnish take a pretty long time to get them delivered, I presume it’s partially because the company ships the products from China. You are warned of the far away delivery date when purchasing, so if you need a specific gel colour reasonably soon I advise you to look elsewhere.

The range of colours they provide is huge, so you definitely aren’t limited on choice. However, whilst the rose gold colour (239) is so pretty and is very similar to the picture displayed on eBay, I found that the other bottle that came with it was more of a purple than the light pink I was expecting. The picture displayed on eBay below on the left and the ‘actual colours’ on the right (239 shown first from the left, 139 shown third from the right.)

The colours weren’t bang on, but with the price difference to SensatioNail I can’t really complain. I was sceptical as to how long they would last on my nails, but I was happily surprised. They last a pretty similar time to SensatioNail on my fingers and for ages on my toes (currently had my toes the same colour for over three weeks)! For the price of these gels, I would definitely recommend opting to try a cheaper brand such as R.S. Nails, rather than spending far more than is necessary.

I will definitely continue to stick to cheaper brands from now on, unless I want a specific colour that I don’t want to risk being a slightly different shade!

Love Siân xo



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