18th of June 2017: Cheap vs. Pricey Gel Nail Varnish

Following on from my most recent blog post reviewing my SensatioNail gel starter kit, I decided to compare a few of my favourite colours from different brands, in order to let you know whether a higher price does bring a higher quality… (Click to read more)


15th of June 2017: SensatioNail Gel Starter Kit – A Review

All of you girls know how satisfying it is to put aside a few hours to catch up on your missed TV episodes and do your nails, especially after a super busy week. I’ve always enjoyed keeping my nails looking fresh and neat, as I personally feel like your nails can often be the cherry on the cake for any well put together outfit. I used to stick to normal nail varnish day to day, but before a holiday I have always treated myself to a full set of acrylics with gel! It usually comes to £25 for the acrylics and £30 with gel too (10% off with student discount) in my favourite local salon, so too pricey for to have regularly.

BUT EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED!!… (Click to read more)