It’s me!

I’ll admit it, I have a huge passion for eating. I love creating new meal combinations and testing them out on my boyfriend (however, he may be slightly bias). Since starting university in 2015, my degree has really opened my eyes to benefits of a plant based diet. I really dislike the animal food industry and more so, the contribution it has on climate change. I’m surrounded by friends with similar opinions to food which has made this food journey so fun and enjoyable.

My Dad has always been vegetarian, but as my Mum loves to cook with meat she has always complained about it being ‘a pain’ to be cooking two separate dishes each meal time. Now I have the same problem with me and my boyfriend when cooking meals together – he is a massive meat eater and I have a feeling his love for bacon will never disappear. We often compromise by adding Quorn into meals when we cook together, but if he does want meat on a particular day he will often just cook some up to add into his portion – one dish, easy.

There’s so many plant based alternatives in the supermarkets now, that it has been so easy to begin the journey away from eating meat and animal products. Even eating out, the increase in people switching to a plant based diet has meant there are an increasing number of restaurants that cater to vegan diets, and with such yummy food. I also adore farmers markets, they offer local produce and the chance to support local businesses. I managed to grab a unicorn gingerbread cookie from the vegan stall last week, whilst pricey, it was well worth the money for a sweet exam break treat.

I’ve now finished my university exams! This means I have far more time on my hands over the summer to begin to blog and see if it’s for me. I’d like to bring an array of topics to my blog including food, diet, beauty and travel. I have some great trips lined up this summer including Ibiza and Iceland, so I think I’ll really enjoy sharing all of this with you!


Love Siân xo